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Commercial Window Cleaning Yateley

Crystal Clear Cleaning

We are simply number one when comes to commercial window cleaning Yateley.

Contract Cleaning Services

We have many Commercial Window cleaning clients, around 60 and counting. Well known household names like Toyota, Lexus, Big Yellow and Access Storage plus lesser known but equally important Commercial Clients like Camberley arena, Wellington College Health & Fitness, Beacon Packaging, Saturn Computing, Intelligent Counting, Arc Control Systems and so on. Many Commercial Organisations often decide that they would like to incorporate their Window Cleaning in with their Contract Cleaning Services. This is generally for ease of only dealing with One cleaning contractor. However, in our experience this creates some problems, either:

No Sub Contractors

✓  The Contract Cleaning company prices the work independently and offers the Window Cleaners a reduced price to work on a Sub Contract basis. This produces a poor-quality service as the Window cleaners are rushing to complete as they are working under their normal budget.

✓  The Contract Cleaning company asks the Sub Contract Window cleaners their price to complete the work, they then add on their 20% to 40% or sometimes more to make the job worthwhile and the Commercial Client ends up paying more than necessary.

Not only does this cause poor quality and inflated pricing issues but there is also a problem with Liability Insurance regarding the use of Sub Contractors within the workplace. At Crystal Clear Cleaning we offer top quality Window Cleaning at very professional & competitive rates in Yateley, we know exactly how to price the work with our Head Estimator having 25 years’ experience in Commercial & Domestic Window Cleaning. With 50-foot Reach and Wash system on each vehicle with Pure Water Technology plus 50 years of traditional method experience between the team, we are simply Number 1 when it comes to Commercial Window Cleaning.

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