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At Crystal Clear Cleaning, we offer a range of Moss Removal services for domestic and commercial customers throughout Basingstoke, Reading, Camberley, Aldershot, Sunningdale, Ascot, Windsor, Farnborough, Farnham, Fleet, Guildford, Yateley and all areas in between. Unlike other companies that cold call and leaflet drop, to win new business, our excellent service ensures that many of our customers are recommended to us by their friends and family.



Over the years, Moss Removal services have received a lot of bad press. However, this is largely due to unqualified companies offering “sale prices” door to door and trying to mislead older clients into paying extortionate prices for a poor and ineffective service. Often, these companies will use non-sanctioned products with no guarantee that moss will stay away.

Crystal Clear Cleaning Window Cleaning Yateley

Here at Crystal Clear Cleaning, we know that moss clearance through Jet Spraying and Roof Coating works and that's why we provide a 10 Year No MOSS Manufacturing Guarantee to prove it. Whether you're tired of moss failing onto your patio or blocking your drains or you simply want to improve the aesthetics of your property, our Moss Removal service is for you.

We are now market leaders in providing Softwash solutions to clean any tiled roof, most of the pictures featured on this site are cleaned by a low-pressure Softwash cleaning service. This is an innovation in technology fresh from the USA now being utilised in the UK and is our preferred way of providing a great quality Moss removal service, with reasonable rates that are very long lasting. A big winner for those who want a moss free, clean roof that can stay that way forever. Please contact us to discuss this process (with you).




We offers two types of Moss Removal service:

1) Moss Scrape followed by a Softwash application:


  • This is a very modern way of cleaning and cleansing a roof, the work generally takes 2 days depending on the size of a roof. 


  • Highly economical way of removing moss and cleansing the tiles.


  • The moss heads are knocked off and cleared away and then a ‘low pressure’ Softwash solution is applied. This is a Biodegradable Chemical solution that immediately cleans the roof from sludge and moss, not only is there a huge impact immediately but there is also a slow and steady improvement over the next 12 Months. All White & Yellow Lichen, micro Spores and Bacterial growth will be killed off. The hardy white & yellow lichens will completely disappear but will take several months.


  • Ideal for customers looking to remove the moss from their roofs quickly and reasonably cheaply.


  • The advantage of Softwash is that you can have a clean roof for life, when the moss finally starts to grow, or the tiles get darker (approximately 5 to 6 years later), a reapplication of the Softwash can be sprayed lightly over the area at a FRACTION of the original cost. Once again giving you many more years of a Moss Free roof.



2) Jet spray and treated with Smartseal products


  • ISO tested and backed by a 10 Year No Moss Guarantee.



  • Alters the surface of the tile and protects it from the elements, basically like putting a Waterproof Jacket over the tiles.


  • Products come in various colours to suit your property or a clear Impregnating Sealer can be applied if you prefer the look of your existing tiles.



  • Beware Contractors who will Simply Jet Spray your Roof!!


  • Some companies will simply offer to jet spray your roof rather than treat it. The danger in doing this is that the moss will return within just 12 months. The jet spraying will damage your tiles and make them more porous, leaving them vulnerable to attack from algae and moss.


  • We are unable to stress the Importance of Getting a Written Guarantee, 10-year manufacturer backed after the work is completed. Make sure you do not release any money until you receive it.


  • Whilst some of our competitors will offer a cheaper price, it's likely that their service will lead to the moss returning within a short period of time. They may fool you into believing that they are applying a coating when in fact they're only using De Fungicide or even emulsion paint that has no moss resistance properties at all. As a result, a guarantee vital if you want to ensure that your roof will stay moss free long into the future. 


  • To discuss our Moss Removal service with one of our expert team or to get a quote, don't hesitate to get in touch. Crystal Clear Cleaning is a Checkatrade approved contractor and we offer a quality service that you can trust.


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