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Decking Cleaning

Crystal Clear Cleaning

Softwash is a 100% biodegradable chemical that kills all algae, lichen, moss.

Once again we bring Softwash technology to the art of providing a top quality Decking cleaning service.


Soft decking, whether composite decking or natural woods are exposed to the British elements all year round. This leaves them liable to algae, lichens and spores which in turn grow and fester into green and black looking mould or even moss balls.


Not only is this unpleasant to the eye it makes the area slippery and dangerous.

The “go to” method is to get the Domestic Jet Washer out from the garage and blast the dirt and algae away or hire a company to jet spray the area with an even more powerful jet sprayer. The only problem with this method is that you immediately make the area more porous, allowing future spores to sit deeper within the Decking and within a blink of the eye, the dirt and grime has returned at an increased rate. Even with a new coating or treatment applied to the area, the actual surface has been torn and made more porous and therefore susceptible to a more rapid regrowth of the grime, dirt and algae that made you act in the first place, a vicious circle has started.


So why is Softwash better?


Softwash is a 100% biodegradable chemical that kills all algae, lichen, moss and any other microbiotic growth within the decking, not only does it clean the decking but it cleanses it too, leaving the area completely free from growth, spores and algae. The Softwash is applied to the area, it is applied without any high pressure involved leaving the decking area unharmed, it is then rinsed off and reapplication is repeated until all the dirt and grime has gone.


It is possible to then apply the coating or varnish safe in the knowledge the area is free from nasty spores waiting to regrow and that it is not in any way damaged from a high-pressure water treatment.


This process will generally be cheaper than Power washing and the benefits are huge.


Fence panels, wooden gates, wooden fences can also be treated this way. Clean up your garden this year, with Crystal Clear Cleaning.

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