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Have you got an Imprinted Concrete Driveway or Patio? Has it been down a few years and is it starting fade from the original colour, or starting to crack and look generally poor in condition? When your driveway or patio was installed it was coated with a Sealer to protect the area, this will in time fade and need reapplying to protect and enhance the aesthetics of the area.


At Crystal Clear, we work directly with Smartseal products to refurb these areas to restore their former glory.


Smartseal’s imprinted concrete sealer is the perfect way to not only protect your patterned concrete driveway or patio. The stamped concrete sealer will protect your driveway and patio for years. The patterned concrete sealer will have a lifespan of 3-5 years dependent on use. This will also vary dependent on the quality and amount of patterned concrete sealer that was originally applied.

The sealant for patterned imprinted concrete comes in three finishes - matt, silk and gloss. If your patterned concrete driveway or patio is in good condition and just requires a top up coat of sealer, use the Silk finish. This imprinted concrete sealer in a satin finish, will 'melt' and 'key' to any remaining imprinted concrete sealer previously applied. It is recommended that two coats of stamped concrete sealer every 3-5 years will keep the concrete in optimum condition.


The patterned concrete sealer or imprinted concrete sealer Matt finish should be used if the condition of the concrete is poor. If there is colour loss on the surface of the concrete, you can add a colour tint to the concrete sealer. The viscosity of the patterned concrete sealant will allow the colour to penetrate and revive the original colour of the concrete.


If the stamped concrete sealer for any reason cannot key into the surface of the imprinted concrete properly, there is a good chance it will peel off at some stage and create a problem that is difficult to fix.


The Gloss finish imprinted concrete sealer is generally only used if there is plenty of concrete sealer still present and only one coat of sealant is required.


The Sealers come in a variety of tints and with expert assessment, a match can be made.


With great expertise, the installation can leave the drive looking the way it did after the first day of the install.



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