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Solar Panel Cleaning

Crystal Clear Cleaning

Dirty panels will destroy the efficiency of this Solar Energy.

As a company, we recognize that the installing of Solar Panels on commercial and domestic properties is growing rapidly. With excellent incentives from the Government to encourage environmentally friendly energy sources for the UK, we are certain that within 20 years they will be viewed all over the UK skyline, providing much needed 'environmentally safe' energy.

Having spoken with some of the leading UK and American Solar Installation companies, we realised that there is a need to maintain these panels. Dirty panels will destroy the efficiency of this Solar Energy, with the possibility of the client losing faith in how much energy they can save. These companies are insisting that the client maintains the Panels to get the maximum energy saving on their install. Listed below is just a couple of quotes from leading internet sites on Solar Energy:

  • A tiny layer of dust can drastically affect the light-harvesting ability of solar cells - just a few grams per m2 can cut the efficiency in half:  Boston University's Malay Mazumder explained at the American Chemical Society national meeting in Boston, US.


  • As little as one bird dropping can severely reduce the panel's energy-producing capacity.


  • Cleaning a solar panel is not cosmetic, a panel must be clean for it to operate at its rated capacity.


  • As much as 17g/m2 a month can form on the panels, but even as little as 3g/m2 per month can cause a severe reduction in a panels energy producing capacity.



Solar panels are extremely hard to reach, ladders and soapy water are an option for some homeowners but is it worth
you risking your life to save a few pounds?

We suggest a twice-yearly clean with our De-Ionised, Purefied Water System, cleaning safely, with no hassle. You have
spent thousands of pounds to install this safe energy, if you do not clean them, you simply will not see any benefit from
your investment.




Prices vary but a 14-panel system can be cleaned for around £70.00 + VAT depending on access.


Lower level panels can be cleaned for less per panel.

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