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Patio & Driveway Cleaning

Crystal Clear Cleaning

We guarantee we will give a fair superior clean than any domestic jet washer can achieve.

Breath new life into your driveway!!! Is the front of your property looking old, tired and in need of a facelift? Is your rear patio covered in slippery algae and dangerous? Are the slabs covered in Black Spot? However clean you think a Domestic jet sprayer will do the job, we guarantee we will give a fair superior clean than any domestic jet washer can achieve.

You probably have, at one point paid a huge amount of money to make your driveway or patio look fresh and new, so why doesn’t it now look exactly as it did before? Block paving and Patio areas all need maintaining and we are the company to do just that offering Driveway and Patio cleaning services.

Why do we stand out ahead of the competition? Not only do we use a powerful Rotary cleaner that passes 20 Litres per minute whilst cleaning, we then cleanse the area with a Softwash solution. This brings a shine to Block paving and will also remove BLACKSPOT, the hardest lichen for anyone to remove.

 Patio & Driveway Cleaning Crystal Clear Cleaning Yateley


 Patio & Driveway Cleaning Crystal Clear Cleaning Yateley


With some soft stone like Sandstone or Limestone constant jet spraying will damage the Aggregate and make the stone more porous therefore making it more prone to Lichen and Blackspot, we can actually clean these Patio’s with Softwash only, call for more information.


Block paving tends to attract moss and weeds. The sand in the joints can eventually migrate and, over time, can lead to sinking and permanent damage to your installation.


These types of surfaces can be cleaned, treated and restored using flat surface water pressure and various specialist chemicals to suit each style.

Further to that, we can apply sealants if required, Smartseal provides top quality Sealants to suit any surface from Block Paving, Patio Stone, Natural Sandstone or Limestone or any exterior Hard Surface.


It is a great deal of money to replace these surfaces, so when your driveway is looking old and stained call Crystal Clear for that specialist Driveway or Patio clean and RESTORE your area to how it looked originally.

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