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What are you looking for in a Window Cleaning Company?​

  • A good quality clean of the Frames, glass and Sills

  • A reliable service, one that fits into your required Frequency of cleaning

  • Trustworthy, friendly Operatives who you can trust around your property

  • Competitive prices, a good deal for you the Client

  • Easy payment schemes, online banking, PayPal or an office address to post a cheque, once the windows have been cleaned then you pay.

  • Uniformed Staff plus Sign written vans so that we are easily recognised to make sure that you are completely at ease with who is cleaning around your property. We will NEVER use Sub-Contractors to complete your work.

Once a year

1 or 2 Bedroom £26 

3 Bedroom £28

4 or 6 Bedroom £40 - £50

3 Storey townhouse £40 - £50

Twice a year

1 or 2 Bedroom £22

3 Bedroom £24

4 or 6 Bedroom £35 - £45

3 Storey townhouse £35 - £45

12 Weekly

1 or 2 Bedroom £18 

3 Bedroom £22

4 or 6 Bedroom £25 - £35

3 Storey townhouse £25 - £35

6 Weekly

1 or 2 Bedroom £15

3 Bedroom £18 - £20

4 or 6 Bedroom £20 - £30

3 Storey townhouse £20 - £25




​​At Crystal Clear Cleaning we offer all these services, with over 25 years cleaning experience within the team we know how to provide Professional Window Cleaning. We have over 2000 Domestic Properties we regularly clean, plus many ‘One-off’ customers who require the occasional Deep Clean. This number is rising every year. What we do to ensure you get the Service required:

> Firstly, we ascertain your required frequency of cleaning, we do not stipulate how often you need them cleaning, we are all different. We offer 6, 12, 18, 24, or even once yearly cleans. You decide the frequency, we just make you aware that the more frequently you have them cleaned the cheaper it is for you, similar to Bulk Buying if you like.

> Once you have been set up as a customer of Crystal Clear Cleaning, we take email and mobile telephone numbers, then before each clean we prewarn you the evening before we are due that a visit is imminent the Next Day. You are then aware of the visit, can unlock the side gate, can request Am or Pm time slots and furthermore, it reminds you look out for the Invoice upon your return to the property.

> If there are any problems with any of the cleans, (we do not foresee this due to our High Standards), we ask you to notify us immediately and within 24 hours we will return to amend any issues there may be on the clean. Only then, when the job is 100% would we then expect payment to be released. We really take pride in our work, the old days of the Traditional Window Cleaner who is either ‘out of work’ in his original career or looking to earn ‘cash on the side’ are mostly gone, Window cleaning is a Profession, one we believe can be treated seriously along other Main Trades.



£25 TO £30
£30 TO £36
£40 TO £50
£40 TO £50
£22 TO £25
£28 TO £32
£35 TO £45
£35 TO £45
£18 TO £20
£20 TO £24
£25 TO £35
£25 TO £35
£15 TO £18
£18 TO £22
£20 TO £30
£20 TO £25

*nb: These are guideline prices and can move either way depending on style of windows, some being lead, some Georgian or Sash also what style of frame it is. Conservatories windows are cleaned below the Conservatory Gutter height and incurs an extra charge, often between £5 and £10 depending on frequency. Often with conservatories though, it reduces the cost of the House window clean due to the Windows inside the conservatory of the existing house that can not be cleaned, we can always clean the windows above the Conservatory.



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