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Commercial Cladding Cleaning

Crystal Clear Cleaning

The difference is amazing, protecting your investment

A lot of Commercial buildings are now made of a composite cladding that looks extremely smart and clean until it gets exposed to the Great British climate. The mix of cold, warmth, sun and rain are a perfect breeding ground for Algae and Lichen, which deteriorates any hard surface rapidly. 


The problem with most Contractors is that they will just clean the area with a cold or hot Reach and wash system, while the job looks amazing and super clean after it is completed the  Microbiotic spores that are hidden to the eye still exist, this then creates a problem as these spores quickly regrow and the dirt and grime will return quickly giving the client the same problem all over again.


We know the most effective way to clean the cladding is by using a mix of Softwash technology and a reach and wash pole system. The Softwash not only helps clean the area giving it an extra sparkle but it also kills and cleanses the area, returning it to the original form it started out in. This will inevitably keep the area cleaner for longer as it will take a long time for the bacteria and spores to reattach. We use specialist poles with soft brushes to ensure the cleaning is safe with a guarantee of no damage or scratches during the cleaning process. 


The difference is amazing, protecting your investment and presenting your place of business to your clients in first class condition. If everything is clean and presentable on the way in to your business, you have made a good impression before you even start.


All chemicals are 100% Biodegradable and safe, our vehicles are contained with Water and power to administer the solutions to the building directly. 


Method Statements, Risk Assessments and Liability Cover are presented when quoting each job.

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