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Crystal Clear Cleaning are proud to link ourselves to Smartseal UK in providing a top quality Tarmac restoration service.

Tarmac or bitmac as it is often called will lose colour over time and eventually break up if not looked after. We can help prolong the lifespan of tarmac or bitmac driveways and other tarmac surfaces by applying a hard wearing acrylic coating to the surface.


You can make a tarmac driveway look like new with our tarmac restorer. Its advisable to fill small cracks and holes and carry out any other repairs prior to coating. Once the tarmac repairs have been carried out, apply two coats of tarmac restorer to make the surface look something like it did when first laid. Its a much more cost-effective alternative than having the tarmac driveway re-laid.




Tarmaseal™ is a water based acrylic coating that will quickly transform the look of old tarmac surfaces.

Tarmac, bitmac or tarmacadam to give it is proper name is widely used across Ireland for driveways and various commercial surfaces. It is quick and easy to lay and less expensive than block paving or imprinted concrete. It is also quite durable but, over time, general weathering will start to affect the durability of the surface and direct sunlight will cause the black to fade to grey.



Our tarmac restorer is quick and easy to apply and will totally transform the look of older tarmac surfaces, making them look like new. Tarmaseal tarmac restorer should not be confused with a tarmac paint that can quickly wear off the surface after application. Tarmaseal™ can help save you thousands of pounds as it is a cost-effective alternative to having a tarmac driveway relayed.



  • Will improve the look of any existing Tarmac driveway.

  • Puts back any lost resins into the surface.

  • Superior coating to bitumen based tarmac paint.

  • Easy application by roller.

  • Makes old tarmac look like new.

  • Saves money by stopping expensive replacement of asphalt.

  • Helps to maintain the original colour of the Tarmac.

  • Easily covers and 'disguises' unsightly cement marks and stains.



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