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Dirty Caravan or Static Motorhome?

Has your caravan built up Mould and Mildew or grime over the last few months? Are you dreading hours of cleaning to restore it, using hot soapy water and Cleaning rags? Well, you do not have to, at Crystal Clear Cleaning we are able to bring the Power of Softwash and De-ionised water to your doorstep and carry out the work for you. With a Chemical Softwash application which kills all Mould & Mildew then a De-Ionised wash and rinse to follow we can restore your Caravan/ Motorhome to its former glory. We carry the chemical, the water and the Low-Pressure Water pumps to your van wherever it may be, so all you have to do is book us and sit back and wait for the results.

By using Softwash we not only clean the surface dirt but we also kill the invisible, hidden Micro biotic growth that traditional methods will not touch. This not only cleans the area but cleanses it too, keeping it cleaner for longer.


Clean includes: The entire Exterior clean of your Caravan/ Motorhome including the roof: Prices from around £100.00



Crystal Clear Cleaning
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